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Short history

Stara Stacja Nowa Stacja

  Building of Station till 1985 year
  (fot. archives)

  New building of Station
  (fot. archives)

Ornithological Station Museum and Institute of Zoology PAS is a scientific institution which deals with biology of birds. It also functions as the Polish Ringing Centre, the only one in Poland. It was founded in 1931 in Warsaw, as the Bird Migration Research Station of National Zoological Museum. In 1957, it has been moved to Górki Wschodnie, currently Gdańsk - Wyspa Sobieszewska (Sobieszewo Island), as the Ornithological Station of the Institute of Zoology Polish Academy of Sciences. Developed in the mid 1980's, since 1990 it became a part of Institute of Ecology Polish Academy of Sciences. Now is the part of Museum and Institute of Zoology in Warsaw.

At the beginning, the main activity concentrated on organization of bird ringing in Poland, whereas other research tasks accompanied in time. At present, apart from wild birds marking management, Institute conducts a number of projects, which involve a wide spectrum of biological and ecological research in birds.