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EURING - The Europaean Union for Bird Ringing

Migrujące biegusy zmienne
fot. Lorenzo Serra

EURING has been created in Paris in 1963, is an organization improving international cooperation in all the aspects of the scientific bird ringing in Europe. National ringing centres are the members of Euring.

The aims and successes of EURING are:

- 1966: creation of a standard system of coding of ringing recoveries which facilitates the exchange of data;
- 1977: creation of EURING Data Bank, collecting most of European ringing recoveries and quantitative data on birds ringed by particular ringing centres;
- organizing large-scale research programs, that involve ringers from many countries and aim at especially important studies for bird protection.

Under the international programme "EURING Swallow Project", our Institute serves as national coordinator of the project "Breeding biology of a Swallow Hirundo rustica and number dynamics on selected roosts in Poland in non-breeding and migration periods". Thus, Poland joined the group of more than 20 countries, which take part in this international project. Other international project, joined by the Institute is "Populational and time differences in migrations of European White Storks Ciconia ciconia based on the analysis of ringing recoveries".